Yoda Soda

January 26, 2010

The last beverage recipe was Yoda Soda.  As with the Jedi Master himself, this soda is green.  My boys are among what seems to be a minority of children that are not allowed to drink soda.  They have actually tried it once or twice and didn’t care for the bubbles.  Fine by me.  But I was willing to make an exception for purposes of the exercise of cooking every recipe in this cookbook!

Just a few ingredients were needed:

First we squeezed lime juice into a pitcher:

Then we added the sparkling water and sugar:

Jacob scooped the lime sherbet into glasses:

And Peter carefully poured in the soda:

The final step, not pictured here, is the most important — insertion of the bendy straw!  The boys sat down to enjoy their creation.

Skill level:  Easy.  So long as they measured correctly, the boys could have made this one on their own since no knives or heat are involved.

The outcome:  They didn’t care for it at all!  I’m not surprised since they’re not soda drinkers.  But I had to laugh when Peter exclaimed that even Sprite tasted better than this.  I took a sip and, to me, it tasted exactly like a Sprite!


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  1. […] snack for the attendees was fascinating as well. The menu included pretzel sticks, Yoda Soda and Tie Fighter Ties (half of a hotdog wrapped in a pastry to resemble a space […]

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